“...This is a thought provoking film that teases one’s perception of behaviour with frustrating persistence. ...Bravo Sasha Damjanovski and your dedicated cast and crew. You have conjured a gem from nowhere!” 4 stars * * * *
Caro Ness, Eye For Film

"Do see Dance with Me, especially if you enjoy great acting. You won’t be disappointed."
Mary Couzens, Extra Extra

“...this is a simmering saga that piques the interest as Damjanovski archly withholds and reveals crucial information about couple's respective conditions. ...Most impressive of all, however, are Damjanovski and co-cinematographer Eloise Parfitt's views of the house and its adjoining lake, which commendably suggest a lost paradise.”
David Parkinson, The Oxford Times

“Despite having a budget equivalent to less than half a second of Avatar (£10,000) and being shot in just ten days, Sasha C. Damjanovski's debut feature has lofty aims. Dance With Me addresses the destructive nature of love, the folly of the urban middle-class countryside idyll, and the delicate subject of mental illness.”
Isabel Stevens, Sight & Sound

“It’s the kind of film that makes you want to talk about it, afterwards.”
Virginia Evans, Macedonia Film Festival